Registry Repair Pro And Registry First Aid

Registry Repair Pro And Registry First Aid

Registry Repair Pro Review

Registry Repair Pro is a simple registry cleaner software which scan for invalid registry errors and improve PC performance. Registry Repair Pro is a product of 3B Software. The software provides solutions to user like: increase speed and stability of user’s system, scans Registry for causes of Windows crashes, clean Registry and improve performance, and help user to repair corrupt files that Anti-Spyware alone can’t fix.

Registry Repair Pro is available for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista. Trial version is available to download at the website.

Registry Repair Pro Scans and Repairs the following problems:

  • Invalid Paths
  • Invalid Fonts
  • Invalid Help Files
  • Invalid Shared DLLs
  • Invalid Known DLLs
  • Classes Section
  • Obsolete Start Menu Items
  • Invalid Application Paths
  • Unused Software Entries
  • Invalid Files Associations
  • System Services

Registry First Aid Review

Registry First Aid is a fast, safe and effective registry cleaner software that keeps user’s Windows in peak running condition. Registry First Aid is a product of Rose City Software. The software provides the registry fixing and system optimizing solutions for user to: scan the Windows registry for orphan file/folder references, correct the registry entries, remove invalid entries, help the programs load faster and speed up user’s computer.

Registry First Aid is available for Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Trial version is available to download at this registry cleaner software website.

Registry First Aid Highlight Features

  • Registry Maintenance – Allows user to check registry for errors and fix them.
  • Defragment Registry – This will analyze registry files on the hard drive and solve the fragmented files.
  • Registry Management – This features allows user to fix the registry problems in Auto Start Programs, Add/Remove Programs, “Open with…” dialog, and Internet Explorer.
  • Registry Search Tool – This tool allows user to search strings in the Windows Registry.
  • Registry Snapshot – User can create a snapshot of registry in the previous working state.
  • Full Registry Backup – Allows user to backup the whole Windows registry.
  • Registry Restore – User can restore their Windows registry with tool.