PC Tune-Up Registry Defrag Repair Software And Ace Utilities

PC Tune-Up Registry Defrag Repair Software And Ace Utilities

PC Tune-Up Registry Defrag Repair Software Review

PC Tune-Up Registry Defrag Repair Software is a registry repair software for improving user’s PC’s speed and reliability. PC Tune-Up Registry Defrag Repair Software is a product of NNJ Corporation. It brings user’s slow running computer back to life by removing the items that can cause crashes, slow speeds, freezing, and impact the overall health of their computer.

PC Tune-Up Registry Defrag Repair Software is available for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. There is no trial version available to download.

PC Tune-Up Registry Defrag Repair Software Highlight Features

  • System and Registry Backup – Provides flexibility during cleanup like: saving registry for later use, or rollback to previous state of Windows.
  • Quick Scan – Scans only registry files and system folders for possible registry errors.
  • Smart Scan – Fully scans of all of registry files and hard drives to locate any possible issues.
  • Automatic and Manual Repair – User can choose to fix all of the problems detected or select individual errors for repair. It will repair invalid application paths, uninstall information, COM/ActiveX objects, help files, file extensions, font files, most recently used files list, shared DLLs and folders, startup applications, Windows/MS-DOS shortcuts, and more.
  • Complete Registry Defrag – Completely removes registry and blank entries.
  • PC Optimization – Cleans Windows add/remove software list, manages startup programs, checks for obsolete start menu items, scans for invalid program shortcuts, uninstall information, and most recently used files.
  • ActiveX Protection – Blocks any harmful ActiveX programs from installing onto user’s computer.

Ace Utilities Review

Ace Utilities is more than standalone registry cleaner software, it is a system utility suite which contains a collection of tools to optimize the user’s PC’s performance. Ace Utilities is a product of Acelogix Software. The software provides the registry fixing solution and system optimizing solutions for user to: find and remove the junk files in their PC, invalid registry entries, delete their internet usage history, erase the usage-history for over 200 third-party applications, manage their internet cookies, find true duplicate files, fix or remove broken shortcuts, uninstall software completely. Other features include secure file deletion, disk space analysis, an empty-folder finder and more.

Ace Utilities is available for Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista. Trial version is available to download and try for 30 days fully functional trial version.

Ace Utilities Highlight Features

  • Remove Junk Files – Remove unneeded files from disks and regain disk space.
  • Clean System Registry – Correct errors in the registry, the most important part of Windows.
  • Erase History – Ensure user’s privacy by deleting files left by browsers and programs.
  • Fix Invalid Shortcuts – Correct the errors in user’s start menu and desktop shortcuts.
  • Registry TuneUp – Optimize, clean and tune up user’s system registry.
  • Registry Finder – Provide a powerful search engine that allows user to find registry information based on a search criterion.
  • Registry Compactor – Rebuild and re-index user’s registry to eliminate structural mistakes and corruption.