IdiomaX Translator Review

IdiomaX Translator Review

IdiomaX Translator is the intelligent translation software that intuits grammar, syntax, idiomatic expressions etc. IdiomaX Translator is the product of IdiomaX LLC. The software provides solutions for individuals and business to translate documents in multiple formats that need to be translated into and from multiple languages.

Features of IdiomaX Translator:

  • Users can translate documents in multiple formats: PDF, DOC, RTF, HTML, TXT, etc.
  • The program allows the translated texts preserve original format.
  • The software comes with spell check tool.
  • The program recognizes grammar rules, sentence structures, idioms and patterns.
  • Users can identify words and phrases not to be translated.
  • User can customize translations of words and save them to user dictionaries.
  • The software allows users to select specialized dictionaries before translation.
  • Users can save the translated file in multiple formats.

Specialized Dictionaries Included: Business & Economy Translation Dictionary, Computing Translation Dictionary, Medicine Translation Dictionary, Legal Translation Dictionary, and Social Security Translation Dictionary (only for English <-> Spanish)

Supported Languages:

  • English <> Spanish
  • English <> French
  • English <> Italian
  • Italian <> Spanish
  • Italian <> German
  • Italian <> French
  • Spanish <> French

IdiomaX Translator is available for Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista.

The trial version is available to download at IdiomaX website.

IdiomaX Translator is designed into several packages including Mobile Translator, Office Translator, Web Page Translator, E-mail Translator, Translation Assistant and Language Translator (IdiomaX Translator).

The Mobile Translator enables users to use their mobile device (Pocket PC, Handheld, PDA or Smartphone) to translate texts, look up words, and conjugate verbs on the go. It’s the killer app for your busy life!